The worth of a word

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. However, we need only add a single word to that picture to completely change the message it conveys. At Enodios, we know the worth of choosing the right word.

A text that aims to awaken the interest of an inattentive reader, someone who casually lets his or her eyes run over the webpage or magazine, needs that special touch. So does the text that aims to gain acceptance by the fastidious reader, someone who knows exactly what he or she wants to read and is easily put off by the slightest inconsistency in the text. This is where Enodios comes in.

You know who your reader is – or who you would like to read your text – and in our conversation with you we find the right communication channel, the one that will reach him or her through all the noise out there. Discussing a text with us is just as much about you getting to know your customers better and us finding out where they are, both mentally and physically, as it is about nailing the exact phrasing of the text.

We offer a lot more than just text: we give you a new outlook on the way the market sees you.

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