Language equals opportunities

Giving people access to new content and new messages always leads to new opportunities - sometimes even make them come knocking on your door. Whether you wish to reach Sweden from abroad or are looking to extend your international reach, Enodios can provide you with the tools you need.

If your business is looking to reach the Swedish market, then Swedish goes from being peripheral to a language of central importance to the sucess of your business. Although it is an established fact that most Swedish people are very good at English, some aren't and far from all of them prefer to read the manual in English when trying to figure out how to assemble their new sofa or reading an article about a new product.

Enodios provides translations from English to Swedish and from Swedish to English where our aim is to convey your message to the reader in the most accurate way possible, avoiding ambiguities and increasing the level of understanding. And at reasonable prices, at that.

International students often find it difficult to learn Swedish fast enough to match the requirements on written material in higher education in the short time they spend in Sweden, why they are often left with no choice but to write their theses in English. Writing in English often isn't the problem, but both getting all the terminology right and at the same time managing to do so in a language that still provides an enjoyable reading experience may prove to be too much of a challenge.

Proofreading in English or Swedish by Enodios does not only ensure a high level of accuracy, flow and accessibility but also helps the author ask himself/herself critical questions about the content of the text. Along the way, all authors of texts we proofread gain an insight into their own language and learn to write better texts – at no extra charge.

Student discounts

It is very desirable to have your work published in several languages, although it may not always be easy to do so, particluraly at the beginning of your career. That's why we offer student discounts to members of the Jönköping Student Union and the Borås Student Union: to help you reach a wider audience, right from the start!

Bachelor's/Master's theses: 75% discount

We offer you an opportunity to write in English already during your first academic years, helping you stand a better chance at being accepted to postgraduate education.

Licentiate/Doctor's theses: 50% discount

For those of you who have taken the first few steps toward an academic career, we offer the means to present your research in a language that helps your work speak for itself.

All discounts are valid for translation from English to Swedish (and from Swedish to English) and for proofreading of English and Swedish texts, regardless of the quality of the text.

Enodios in social media

An international career – in Jönköping

Irsa Amerian and Natallia Pisarava are well on their way toward an international career – in Sweden. These international students are looking to work in Sweden after writing their Master's thesis; a thesis that may come in handy for B2B companies looking to use social media in their marketing strategy. Winning a free translation of the thesis by Enodios Language Services helps them reach Swedish employers.

Jönköping University international students Irsa Amerian and Natallia Pisarava study Economics and Management of Entertainment and Arts at JIBS, a unique education that combines classical management with the entertainment and arts sector. Although this opportunity may have been enough in itself, it was not their only reason for coming to Sweden and Jönköping to study:

"I was working as a journalist in my home city of Minsk, Belarus when I discovered Sweden", says Natallia. "I fell in love with the country right away! And when I found JIBS and this education, my path was clear: I had found the means to add a degree in management to my degree in journalism."

Irsa is from Iran and was attracted to Jönköping by the opportunity to study in English while combining her unique combination of degrees: a BA in Management and an MA in Arts. What better place than JIBS to do just that? She appreciates the education and especially points to the very effective method of working in groups, which is developing in several ways.

Both Irsa and Natallia have settled down in Sweden and are not looking to go abroad any time soon because, technically, they already are. They have considered embarking on academic careers in the future, although currently they are looking for jobs related to their education.

Irsa and Natallia won their choice of a translation and a proofreading of their Master's thesis by entering into a lottery for members of the Jönköping Student Union that was held by Enodios Language Services, They chose to have their work translated into Swedish:

"We could have used the English proofreading, though", Irsa says with a wry smile, "but the deadline for handing in the final draft of our thesis had already passed when we won. This way, however, we will be able to use the Swedish version of the thesis when applying for positions here in Sweden, which we think will be a great advantage!"

Their thesis is titled Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Communication Strategy and examines how B2B companies can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs to communicate with new and existing customers. For the empirical data collection, Irsa went to Uppsala to work on site with ID24, a company supplying touchscreen solutions related to loyalty cards.

"Companies seem less prone to discuss business on Facebook, but on LinkedIn that is less of a problem in our experience", says Natallia. "Blogs are also very important to the B2B marketing strategy, but it seems to be more difficult to get companies to blog, despite the good marketing value."

The thesis will be available in English by the end of June 2012 at the Jönköping University Library and also on DiVA portal,, a search tool for finding among other things student theses from 30 seats of higher learning in e.g. Sweden and Norway.